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Live in Tyumen

Ildar Khusainov

Founder and CEO of "Etazhi" LLC

One of the areas for developing the potential of the Tyumen region is the creation of a better urban environment. The region was highly rated in terms of formal employment and housing affordability - such data are provided by & nbsp; Agency "National Credit Ratings" for RBC.

Over the past 10 years, the Tyumen Region has outstripped other constituent entities of the Russian Federation in many areas, including the creation of a developed infrastructure, convenient organization of urban space, quality of life and, of course, housing affordability.

Ildar Khusainov is the director of the real estate company Etazhi. The company has been on the market for 21 years. Today, the company is a leader in terms of geography of presence (more than 50 offices in the cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine), and the number of employees already exceeds 4,000 people.


According to Ildar Khusainov, the most important factor in the development of the company is the team, namely, the atmosphere in which employees work. Only by creating the most comfortable conditions for them, the company will be able to achieve great heights.

“We went to other countries: to Kazakhstan, to Belarus. Quite confidently took first place in Russia. But this is not the most important thing, I think what kind of climate we have in the team is our greatest achievement. Money and numbers can't measure it all. It seems to me that inside each of our employees there is such a strong positive, each of them has the opportunity to realize themselves. Perhaps this is our main achievement. The number of people who are employed with us, who connect their future with the future of the company, is almost 4,500 people.”

"Etazhi" is an unusual company. She has a special control system that deserves special mention.

“We are very decentralized. I am convinced that in the modern company the problem is centered on three factors: empowerment, responsibility and motivation. As a rule, leaders like to take away all the powers for themselves, but are not ready to provide decent motivation. I think the correct formula is when you give authority and the more the better.”


“As for the quality of services, we have it at a fairly high level, I will not say that it is 100%, it would not be true. According to our estimates, the company's internal score is 4.6-4.7 on a five-point scale. It is growing, but not as fast as we would like. This balance of growth and quality of services is very important. If the quality is much higher, then the service will cost more. We understand that, theoretically, I myself can provide a service to each client with knowledge and experience, but most likely it will not be entirely profitable for the client, because in this case the cost of services will have to be increased. It is important to be able to find the golden mean.”

According to the integral rating of the Institute of Territorial Planning "Urbanika" for 2020, Tyumen is one of the three most attractive cities for living. This suggests that people want to live here or seek to move here. Thanks to the company "Etazhi", which combines innovation, responsibility and humane attitude towards each client, those who wish can receive high-quality assistance in purchasing and renting housing in the Tyumen region.

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