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Abram Oveyan

owner of the Tyumentel company

One of the fastest growing areas in the Tyumen region is construction. Several large construction companies, known far beyond its borders, operate in the region. One of the leading developers is Tyumentel.

For 23 years, Tyumentel has been building not just facilities, but the future of the region. The company received a new impetus for development with the arrival of Abram Oveyan, who headed for the social sphere: housing is being built for budget employees, residential facilities are appearing under the My Family federal program.

The secret of the company's success, of course, is the love for their work and their native land. General Director of Tyumentel Abram Oveyan has lived in Tyumen all his adult life. He took his first steps in construction immediately after graduating from TSU. Now the name of the entrepreneur is widely known in many areas. For successful work, Abram Oveyan was awarded the Honorary Builder of Russia badge. He is also involved in charity work and social activities.


Tyumentel builds commercial, sports and cultural facilities throughout the country. Among the company's most important projects, Abram Oveyan names the Neftyanik Palace of Culture and the Zhemchuzhina Sibiri Winter Sports Center.

“Our assets include the Zhemchuzhina Sibiri Winter Sports Center and other landmark facilities for the Tyumen Region, but even in 2020, the company was able to increase its portfolio of orders through new large-scale construction projects. Largely due to contracts for the construction of social facilities in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. And even there, among the large orders were long-term construction, which stood for 10-14 years, which the company completed in a year.

“During the crisis, we were rescued by going to Yamal. Therefore, instead of a 50% drawdown, we got a 70% increase. Nothing in this life falls from the sky, so we went to work without waiting for it to find us. We were not afraid of the difficult conditions of the northern facilities. The main thing is that there are orders, and the region is ready to invest money. Moreover, there were much more funds. Another thing is that it was not so easy to earn them. The price of such growth was labor without days off and holidays. I consider it my main task to provide the team with a constant workload. The most nightmarish scenario is to be left without a job, as it was for many. We went to other regions, expanded the area of ​​our activities - and this saved us, ”says the head of the company about how he managed to overcome the crisis.

Tyumentel completed the construction of a college in Novy Urengoy, started by another company back in 2005.

“He managed to become dilapidated and abandoned. We arrived in 2019. It took us only a year to complete the construction. There was another notable sports complex in Krasnoselkup. There were problems with logistics because the place was remote. The difficult climate made the situation worse. The construction stood for a long time until we got down to business in 2018. Another cultural and health center in Muravlenko. Object with seven years of experience. This center was the key to the life of the city, its importance could not be exaggerated. A holiday destination for many families with a swimming pool, bowling alley and concert hall. When we came to such places, we understood that it was easier to demolish everything and start over. But we always got the job done.”


A lot of minerals are mined in the Tyumen region: quartz sand, brick and expanded clay, limestone, building stone. It is not surprising that the construction industry is developing at such a pace, because everything that is needed for this is literally under your feet. But the main wealth of the region is not minerals, but people, for whom Tyumentel and other developers work.

“It's all about the national significance of these projects: a college in Novy Urengoy,  kindergartens, schools, cultural centers. Not everyone is willing to take on this job. I have no abandoned construction projects in my asset, so I know what I'm talking about. Nobody wants to take risks. And if the project has become outdated, then it needs to be corrected. This is a huge job that not everyone can do.”

According to Abram Oveyan, it often happens that it is easier to demolish an object and build something new on this site, but the principle is important here - if the contract is signed, then the construction must be completed. "We don't drop objects."

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